Dual Scope Imaging

Questions and answers about the best way to get started with Prism including: est hardware to use, software settings, etc..
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I've just downloaded the trial version of Prism and had an initial look to see how it would work with my dual scope setup. I'm still finding my way around the UI so please forgive if these are stupid questions :)

Question 1:
My setup has two main CCD cameras as well as a stand-alone CCD on an OAG for guiding. Firstly what would be the manual sequence to start the cameras to achieve synchronized imaging with guiding? I presume I will open the guide camera control panel first, calibrate then start the guiding? Once that is up and running do I just start the first then the second main camera and everything will be synchronized i.e. the imaging loop will take images with both cameras then dither by the amount set in the guiding options before starting to simultaneously expose with the two cameras again?

Question 2:
How would this work with the 'Automatic Observation' feature? I might be missing something obvious here but in the Objects list I can't seem to find a mechanism to define which entry should be used for which of the main cameras i.e. how does the software work out which two object entries to image at the same time with the two main cameras?

Thanks for your help!

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