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Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:00 pm

I have a couple of questions related to Auto-guiding -

I did an initial calibration run and the it calibrated quite well. On the basis of that calibration, it also guided quite well and I was easily able to do a 20 minute sub with my setup.

I am not sure what I did the following night, but now when I try to re-calibrate (I realize one does not need to re-calibrate if nothing has changed in terms of imaging train, including the position and orientation of the guide camera, etc. - but I have a question around that as well) - calibration fails, no matter what I try. I am sure there is nothing wrong with my cables, because I can guide using another software.

So, here are my questions -
1) If my subsequent calibration attempts have failed, does that mean that my original calibration data is still valid? I ask because, since that first night (a couple nights ago), the guiding has been horrendous to say the least.

2) Is there a way to remove old calibration data and force new calibration without having to change any portion of the imaging train? I ask because I assume the old calibration data is responsible for new calibration failing. Can someone either confirm this or deny this assumption?

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Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:09 pm

1) No, the successful calibration is kept until it is replaced by another successful one
2) No. Make sure you are sufficient exposure length to get bright stars in the frame, it is dark enough as well as enough calibration time for Ra and Dec. I don't suspect anything has changed on PRISM's side if It had just succeeded a few nights back and the system is intact.

I am interested in what you find out the solution to be in this case.
Hamza Touhami | Site Administrator
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