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Questions and answers about the best way to get started with Prism including: est hardware to use, software settings, etc..
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Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:58 am

1. You probably read of my dome rotating issue in another topic.
I found I can free up (the locked up state) by forcing the dome to rotate in another program (Poth hub) for example. It seems when it says rotating, it should be and isn't. Not sure why. But giving it a push from Poth makes Prism dome control come back to normal.

2. I also wrote about my crash issue and lots some settings. A path to my horizon was wrong? WEIRD (file was still there - just the path had changed). I pointed to the file again and was ok. As well - my Date and place data was dumped and defaults were restored. I entered my LAT AND LONG and they updated. I updated my altitide and it refuses to stock. IT changes back to the default apache altitude of 2797.
I enter my elevation of 300 meters - I hit enter (I also tried tab) I then click DEFAULT to save as defaults. And when I go back and look - it's back to 2797. (apache default elevation!).

In addition to this weird situation, I get a red warning sign below that says the star map can't control the scope because time and date are not accurate or something like that. I click "GET TIME AND DATE FROM COMPUTER". How can it be wrong!?

If I didn't hate SGP so much I'd have given up long ago.

So I go in and look at my location (it won't let me change altitide) so I look in another area and it shows me location and 2979. I click on pick my location in google thinking it will update my info and elevation. And I get a SCRIPT ERROR. (BUG?). Make me uneasy to spend 500 for a program at this point.

I suppose I could re-install it - but OH MAN - would I have to reconfigure everything again? I have two days into setting this up. At 500 bucks - I don't want to see this.
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Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:32 pm

Your software time and date need to match your sky charts time and date, I have explained this very well in my videos. There is nothing wrong with PRISM. Also, you need to consolidate your posts to only talk about the thread your created for them.

If I didn't hate SGP so much I'd have given up long ago. <<<<<<< REALLY? I will help you with any questions you have, this forum is not for ranting, it is for support. I know you can understand my position.
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