No Interpolation - bin 2x2"

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Thu Dec 27, 2018 10:29 am

I am using my modified DSLR camera for photometry and debayer
the RAW data as "No Interpolation - bin 2x2" (see screenshot-1)
and finally create a gray color image by the setting option
"Stack RGB Layers (Black and White Image)" (see screenshot-2).
This image shrinks in width and height by a factor of 2, however, if I am
not mistaken, then the SNR increases by factor sqrt(4) by this
"No Interpolation - bin 2x2" approach.

In the settings menu "FITS/CPA and DSLR Files" on Tab: DSLR images
one can set the option "Auto convert Bayer Files to Color upon Image Load"
for automating the process, however, the offered "DeBayerisation Method"
shows "By 2x2 Binning Interpolation" (see screenshot-3), whereas the former
method was "No Interpolation - bin 2x2". Is is possible
to add in in "Auto convert Bayer Files to Color upon Image Load" also
the "No Interpolation - bin 2x2" choice and also later the choice to
"Stack the RGB Layers". Or is there a way to script that?

Many thanks,
Cyril Cavadore
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Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:27 am

Indeed this is the same method in both function/location, the wording is wrong.
Give it a try and you'll notice it.
Cyril Cavadore
Principal Prism Author,
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