SkyGuard v3 and Prism

Hardware and software setups, autoguiding and plate solving parameters, etc..
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Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:51 am

Hello guys, after a week or so, I've finally found how to make Prism and SkyGuard/ONAG work.
After an update to Prism, SharpLock/FocusLock integration with Prism was removed. Not to worry though, you can still use your ONAG to fullframe-guide and realtime focus with Prism.
All you need is to install Optec Ascom Server. After that you need to configure your equipment in Ascom Server (mount, cameras, fw etc).
After you configured the equipment in the Server you need to configure your equipment in the Clients (Prism and SkyGuard).
In Prism go to hardware settings and choose Ascom Server for each piece of gear.
In Skyguard go to Intruments and choose Ascom Server for each item.

I hope I made myself understood, english is not my main language.
Hamza Touhami
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Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:13 pm

great work Adrian, I appreciate your help and time
Hamza Touhami | Site Administrator
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