Capture Calibration Frames - Multiple Camera Issue

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Sat May 11, 2019 2:19 pm

Per another thread I'm re-building a new Calibration Frame Library and letting Prism generate it. I have a possible bug or maybe feature enhancement I'm not sure.

If you launch more than one instance of the Capture wizard, let's say for example I'm capturing Bias frames from my Canon 70D DSLR and my ZWO 1600mm-cool. Prism will let you launch two instances of the capture wizard, however it will use the last folder location after you hit the start button. So in my example if I setup 2 folders, one for 1600 and one for 70D and I start the 70D capture, then I start the 1600 Capture. Any frames that Prism captured prior to me hitting start on the 1600 window, will go into the 70d folder as they should, however any frames that are captured after hitting start will start going into the 1600 folder along with the frames for the 70d.

I hope I explained that in a way that makes sense. To put it another way if you launch multiple calibration frame captures, they all end up in the same folder regardless of the folder setting in the window.

I'm not really sure if that's a bug, or if I'm supposed to be using Prism on 1 camera at a time for calibration frames.

Edit: Feature enhancement request - Extend the Capture Calibration frame wizard to include sequences of frames so that I can setup my camera to take all my different exposures of darks from the same dialogue box.
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