NGC7635 - The Bubble Nebula

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One of Prism's biggest assets is its ability to do EVERTHING in one package, this target was planned, acquired, pre-processed and post-processed in Prism. From start to finish without leaving a single application, you gain more time saving, less communication problems between software packages and above all, Prism is the best bang for the buck you can get today period.

Technical details:

Software: PRISM v10
R: 600s x 12
G: 600s x 12
B: 600s x 12
Imaging telescope or lens: GSO 10" RC
Imaging camera: Starlight Express Trius SX 814
Mount: Orion HDX110 EQ-G
Guiding telescope or lens: GSO 10" RC
Guiding camera: Starlight Express Lodestar X2
Focal reducer: Astro-Physics CCDT67 - 0.67x Reducer
Filter: Baader LRGB 1.25"
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