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Hardware and software setups, autoguiding and plate solving parameters, etc..
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Mon May 18, 2020 2:49 pm

I am using an AP 1100 with APCC. and a Lodestar X2 as a guider. Recently I have not been able to auto guide successfully. I do slit spectroscopy using the fixed position option. Measuring the X and Y position on a image of the guide camera agrees with the X and Y positions used by PHD2
The slit is not in the center of the full size image. I set the star close the the designated X Y position and hit start and the Guide image appears in the 40 pixel image but not centered see the attached "Guide Star" shot. Note that the Cross hair is not on the slit. At some point the star is lost and tracking inspector reports excessive errors.

Should the green cross hair be on the slit?
I assume after a successful calibration Prism knows the location and direction of RA and DEC.
The AP mount knows which side the tube is on so I assume I do not need to check either of those boxes

tracking inspector.png
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