Complete software solution for conducting astronomical observations and image processing.
Software protection

The software is protected by a software key to secure your investment against authorized copying or usage.

You can use the software to test full version for a period of 60 days. When elapsed, it will be necessary to register and pay licence fee in order to continue to use it.
During evaluation period,  the recorded images will include 5 stamp marks (four on the corners of the image and the center) indicating that the software is being used in evaluation mode.

Software activation can be performed via Internet 24/24, 365 days a year.

Your product number is sent to you, once payment is validated. It is unique to your PRISM's copy.

You can get 3 keys for your personal use (laptops, observatory PC). Requesting above three keys will require discussion with ALCOR SYSTEM. Keep in mind that sharing licence among several users is a licence agreement violation.

Activating the software can be done 24/24, using few mouse clicks thanks to a internet dedicated key server, this is achieved in two steps:
To register, it is necessary to enter the product number that has been provided to you (3 times 4 digits) or supplied by email after purchasing PRiSM
To activate automatically, user must provide their full name and an email address.
Once the server is queried with the product number and provided the computed serial number, a key appears in the box
If no key is displayed in the box (error message will pop-up), it is still possible to click on "next" to enjoy remaining days of trial.
PRiSM has a been registered to the International Identifier of Digital Works. This software is registered as intellectual property on digital works: IDDN FR 001 150006 000 RP 2008 000 21000
A USB dongle can be requested to run PRISM with no software activation, please ask us. This will have additionnal costs.