Complete software solution for conducting astronomical observations and image processing.
Light version

The light version of the software, with less features available, provides a less expensive alternative for individuals looking to begin using PRISM at a lower price point.

PRISM Light allows the same degree of control of all telescope hardware (cameras, telescopes and accessories) as the full version, but it has a more limited set of processing features and image analysis functions.

With the PRISM Light version of the software you can make beautiful pictures of the sky, but you will not be able to perform more professional analytical work with your images.

Finally, the light version does not support script execution or implementation of automated observation sessions.

For a list of "light" version enabled/disabled functions, refer to the following PRISM menu screen-shots. All grayed menus tells that the function is not enabled . In total, it has hundreds of functions less compared to the full version.

The software installation is performed from the same installer file, either full version or light version. The product software number, which is issued to the user after purchase,  determines which version of the software and which features will be available to the user. If desired, upgrade from "light version" to "full version" can be achieved later on, please refer to the pricing page.

Below are screen shots of the menu functions that are grayed out and do not work with "light" version. For the menu related to "color images processing" : no functions are disabled for PRISM "light version"
File menu : FITS advanced features and scripts are disabled
Preprocessing functions : only advanced features are disabled
Display menu : only local stats functions are disabled
Geometrical functions (grayed= disabled for light version)
Arithmetic functions
Analysis functions : a lot are disabled for "light version"
Image pop-up menu
Telescope and camera menus (light version)
Only automated focusing has been disabled
Advanced pointing model and automated observation menu was disabled for "light version"
Please do not hesitate to ask us to figure out which feature is been disabled or not, or for any questions you may have. Feel free to ask.