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Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:06 pm

The AAVSO has just put out a bulletin on V694 Mon and when I ask Prism to search for it the star is not found. I have made sure that the Variable star GCSV catalog has been selected. Also, when I click the 'CDS info (web)' button CDS says it cannot find 'V694'. Of course CDS does find that target when I type the full name (V694 Mon) directly into CDS. When I ask The Sky 6 to find V694 Mon it has no problem doing so.

What is going on with Prism? As a new user I am becoming increasingly frustrated by all the problems I keep coming across and am sorry to say that I now wonder if I wasted my money trying to switch to this software. I am sorry for these harsh words but do feel that after ten versions the program should be more robust and complete. It also lacks many small 'convenience' features and functions that I had expected to be included.

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Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:12 am


I can understand your frustrations but those are indeed harsh words when you include " wasted money" in there, no developer worth their salt on this planet wants to hear that especially when they put 25 to 30 years of their life into their creation. I will ask you to refrain from language as such going forward. This forum is to support you and many other people and be supportive, it is definitely not a place to for harsh words about anyone or anything.

I will investigate what is happening and I am sure a fix is rather simple. We cannot control what other institutions do and can only react to them. Switching to HTTPS and FTPS for example is something we had to react to. No a big deal, just had to be done.

I appreciate your comprehension.
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Wed Jun 03, 2020 1:40 pm

Hi there

I have had similar issues with some target finding but have learned to work round them... so in the example given, Simbad shows it has a Tycho cataloge entry of TYC 5396-1135-1. I know that Prism has a Tycho catalougue, and I have previously managed to work out that Prism identifies Tycho entries as T**********. So in this case its T539611351. Note, no hyphens.
In fact after it found this, it recognised V0694_Mon! Just as there is a quirk in the Tycho naming, Prism identifies variable star entries as name_constellation. (So RR Lyr is RR_Lyr). The requirement for the preceding 0 here, is a bit odd but there you go... Most GCVS entries work OK (like RR_Lyr above).
I think the simple fix would be to make sure the catalouge naming hints in the search box are up to date... ;)
For information, I worked out what the actual conventions were by loading in the relevant catalogue, and clicking on some entries in the map. Whatever designation it gives there is the one actually used internally.

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