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image deduction

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2020 11:28 pm
by kora
Supernova research, especially at the center of galaxies, is a good way to fit and subtract a reference image.
Description: ... 1006v1.pdf

I first installed VaST Transient search for Linux, but it doesn't know image extraction, it works with photometric lines. A friend of mine, Robert Fridrich, gave him many variables in the SX database, but he was not a supernova patrolman.

Second, I found the FITSH collection of András Pál. Great value! Linux shell and python must write their own script.. It is successfully used in HAT-net and HAT-pi project.

For galaxies that do not have their own reference image, download a DSS image according to the ATIK 383L + field of view. Simple command line... download image.
Unfortunately, the Prism version only recognizes a fixed 15'x15' size. Can Be Improved?
Linux system the local, and sextractor and hotpants program package can extract the image together. But you have to build your own cable on Linux ...

How can you do something similar with the Prism, image matching and subtraction? Prism script writing? I look forward to your advice!

Re: image deduction

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 12:01 am
by kora
First step: In the Prism, I open the reference image and put a test image. The images are centered on the atmosphere and optical distortion and other inaccuracies are not the same.
Second: Second: In the Processing / Image to Image Math menu, I select Substraction.
Third: I select the image in the new window.

Step Four: The result shows the subtraction. Unfortunately, the star profile is visible everywhere.
QUESTION: How do I deduce the mismatch of different geometry images? :?:

Hope somebody here has a solution to the good subtraction problem ..

Regards Alexander