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Prism is updating frequently and this portion will house all the detailed information of new features added to Prism of fixes.
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In this thread, you will find the most up-to-date information about all the improvements and issue resolutions to Prism, this is a running list and will be update every time there is an update:

v10.3.46 (04/07/18)
* Auto obs : focusing process removes stars having a close one,
with same magnitude.
* Last CANON DSLR supported : 6D Mk II, 80D,
77D, 800D, 2000D, 4000D and more.

* Pointing model field swept was not able to be launched more
than one time.
* Spectrum line focusing did not start
* QSI camera temperature ramp issue
* .PHOT datafile load/save issue

v10.3.44 (02/23/18)

* CCD cooling/warmup reworked
* Automatic Observation : "Up" and "Down" buttons added

* ASCOM switch fixed
* Secure MPC catalog downloads added

v10.3.42 (01/04/18)

- Photometry revisited in terms of magnitude bands into catalogs
- Obsolete Photometry and Astrometry catalogs discarded

- QSI Camera temperature control
- FilterWheel setup definition for SBIG, FLI and APOGEE cameras

v10.3.40 (11/30/17)

- Google Map, display lost
- Reference filter not used for All Sky plate solve
- Temperature compensation still active during autofocusing process
(only if enabled by user)
- Software general cosmetic improvements
- FLI camera and some binned 2x2 ROI caused readout failure
- ASCAM weather station was not implemented properly

- Abort focuser motion
- Intercorrelation Guiding (uses multiple stars)
- Moravian CCD, front window heating
- ZWO camera Offset and Gain recorded into image's header

v10.3.33 (09/15/17)
!! WARNING !! Major changes.

- Auto obs focusing : CCD window auto centers.
- Camera asks to be warmed up when quitting its window
- Equipment windows are separate from the main Prism desktop and can be interacted with individually
- Autoguider calibration is automated now; Prism find the stars automatically in the frame.
- Astrometry.Net can be used in case of failure of standard plate
solving l'observation AUTO.
- Focuser can be controled with encoder steps, not only as mm.
-> see software global options menu.

- Preprocess : apply line - column correction directly on
master offset, dark et flat frames
- Auto obs, focusing, added UCAC4 catalog.
- Paramount guiding, special option when mount flips.
- More verbose for CCD Sequencer.

Bug fixes

- OPTEC DLL plugin issue resolved when focuser in step mode.
- Asteroides search: fixed issue when more than 100 000 sources
per image.
- Asteroid search : GAIA Catalog, bad asteroid coordinates
- ZWO Camera : less than 88 pixels window width, no image.

v10.1.25 (04/12/17)
- Serial image photometry several issues fixed
- SX lodestar : pixel size was wrong with interlaced cameras
- Hand paddle, telescope coordinates and offset was not working
- ASCOM switches back to service.

v10.1.20 (12/01/16)

- AVI stack and registration for huge files
- StarlighXpress camera driver rewritten
- Automatic observation startup improved

v10.1.18 (10/13/16)

- Easier row and column fix implemented inside the general image
preprocess pipeline.
- Asteroid search : plate solve enhanced and more user input
- Atik Camera: multiple camera selection is now like other cameras
- Issue with GCVS5 variable star catalog when searching a star.
- Bayer imaging preprocessing : low pass and 2 debayer algorithm
embedded into the preprocessing auto pipe line.
- Astrometry.NET, local server can be used using ANSVR software.
- GAIA DR1 catalog implemented (Data from Internet)
- Exoplanet catalog implemented
- CCD ZWO ASI native camera driving (no ASCOM is required).
- Blink image selector fixed.
- "Dither" in ccd sequence recording and when guiding
camera is not an embedded CCD camera.
lorsque la camera de guidage n'est pas la camera n°1.
- Astrometry.Net : pixel solve throughout the whole image.
- Fixing an issue with Moravian CCD and GxUSB.dll library.

v10.1.15 (08/12/16)

- ATIK GP camera : filter order issue fixed. WARNING : only
applicable with the latest ATIK drivers
- Guiding calibration : pixel centroid issue fixed.
- Spectro mask : Acq_masq.msqtxt customized to be used for
each CCD camera into Acq_masq_1.msqtxt, Acq_masq_2.msqtxt
and Acq_masq_3.msqtxt
- Moravian G1-0301 and other guiding cameras : fan driving
and guiding port enabled (ST4 cable). WARNING Please install the
latest Moravian ccd camera drivers.
- Image Serie Photometry using 3D fit FWHM flux.
- Astrometry.NET provides/updates focal length
- Night vision : scheme totally changed not based anymore on
windows themes.
- Dometracker DLL reliability enhanced (Dome mode)
- Artificial satellites time resolution increased.
- Auto-Obs : solving a small shift error when focus offset
was enabled.

v10.1.12 (06/01/16)

- 125% and more font issue scaling with ccd acq. panel
- Auto-Obs : ccd camera timeout less than infinite time.
- When focuser is connected, homing can occur and timeout
can be user defined (i.e FLI Atlas).
- Plate solving possible with stars having FWHM<1.5 pixels.
- User interface improved with telescope, focuser controls.
- Acces violation fixed on skymap option quit.

v10.0.10 (05/12/16)

- Bug : focuser #1 setup was empty
- Plate solve improved for larger star FWHM and more noisy
backgrounds : less plate solving failures.
- Connecting any device (focuser, filter wheel...) without
connecting telescope mount is now possible.

v10.0.8 (05/03/16)

- Automatic observations, plate solving issue solved
regression in 10.0.6 fixed.
- Image calibration, recording of individual calibrated images
regression in 10.0.6 fixed.
- Dual FLI camera setup bug fixed.

v10.0.6 (05/02/16)

- CCD auto mirror and 1/4 turn feature
- Astrometry.Net into scripts
- Velleman switches issue resolved
- Minor bugs fixed
- Automatic observation parameters extension

v10.0.5 (03/13/16)

* Image calibration function enhancements
* Serial Photometry function
* Satellites display improvements

v10.0.3 (12/29/15)

* Runs on virtual machines

v10.0.2 (12/14/15)
* On exit, Directshow camera can hang the software

* SBIG multiple camera labels for better identification
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