Payment is made by credit card through the Monetico payment terminal.
For institutes and organizations or any other entity that cannot pay by credit card, contact us, where a proper estimate will be established. A surcharge will be applied for processing and handling fees. The payment term will have to be in conformity with the law LME 2014-344/ Article L441-6.


At the time of purchase, VAT is automatically added according to the country of residence. VAT at 20% is applicable for European Union countries. VAT exemptions are possible for Switzerland, Canada, and other countries.

Number of installations

The purchase of a PRISM license entitles the owner of the PRISM license to install PRISM on 3 different PCs. It is possible to deactivate keys on a given PC and recover it (PRISM Configuration Menu > Key Management > Key Status). In case of formatting of the hard disk of this PC, or loss of the system hard disk, the reinstallation of PRISM does not use an additional key: a key recall is performed without reducing the number of keys.

Apple-Mac or Linux

How PRISM works on Mac/Linux: Prism can run on a PC-WINDOWS virtual session on an APPLE-MAC or Linux machine, however, NO support due to malfunctions will be provided, neither on key management (such as a possible recurring request to re-enter a key at software startup). PRISM will not work on ARM-based platforms.

PRISM version 11 upgrade pricing requirements
Your first and last name and the product number of the previous version will be required to validate your order for the upgrade. The following options are available, and you should contact us at
(1) The light versions of Prism 9 and 10 are not eligible for upgrade pricing. Upgrading from light v11 to advanced v11 possible for an additional fee. Contact us for this operation.