Frequently Asked Questions

1. My antivirus software reports PRISM (or another ALCOR-SYSTEM software) as a VIRUS or Malware.

Scope : all ALCOR-SYSTEM software

Sometimes my system’s antivirus reports prism.exe (or other Alcor-System software like skywatch.exe)… as a virus or malware. Ignore this message, because it is a false positive.

Why ? Because all our software (executable files) are protected by a protection mechanism that prevents hackers from making cracks or “keygen” software. This encryption prevents antivirus software from opening these files to inspect the machine code and scan for any malicious code that might be in them. In order not to bother and not being able to decrypt the machine code, these antivirus programs report the file as being infected by a virus, when it is not.

There is a simple way to reassure yourself, and that is to have the suspicious file scanned by all 70 antivirus programs on the market. This can be done via this site  :

Select “Choose file” and put the file prism.exe, or any other software that would have this problem. Then “confirm upload”.
As a result, the file will have been scanned by the 66 most popular antivirus programs on the market. The result is below 9 of the 66 antivirus programs have declared the file as suspicious. But this is a false positive because the other 57 programs did not see anything abnormal, and some very efficient and the best on market like Kaspersky, did not detect anything.
So there is no need to worry.
However, from time to time, depending on the version of the Microsoft Defender virus database, Microsoft Defender may detect the prism.exe file as a false positive. The only way to get rid of this message and the associated constraints such as the impossibility of opening the software, it to add prism.exe or other, to the list of exceptions of software not to be scanned by the antivirus, the procedure is explained in detail here :

2. How can I know where I stand with my keys, how can I unregister an old PC, how can I transfer a PRISM license from one PC to another ?

Scope : PRISM v10 and later

PRISM key management is explained in this file. Read this pdf here.